Friday, June 10, 2005

yo ho ho

I strolled past the newest establishment in my hood last night and it FINALLY appeared to be open! I've been crossing my fingers ever since December, when the Governess informed me of the opening. Please Allah, let this actually be a lovely new corner pub for me to frequent. I can only take St. Ex in spurts, ever since the Bush's decided to honor it with their presence. And I'd like another eatery/bar-ery around. ALL HAIL GENTRAFICATION! By "gentrification" I mean, my pesky drinking/eating habit and the fact that I have a killer case of A.D.D. when it comes watering holes


Kriston said...

Yes. Did you ever go to Arbor in Adam's Morgan before it was cruelly closed? If you did you know why I have such high hopes for Bar Pilar.

CatCiao said...

Try at Sumatra Sunrise at Penang because at the end of the night isn't it really about the beverages we keep?