Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sumo Batman Premier

Last post for today, I swear.

I quickly wanted to brag about the Pyg in a Blanket blog's total attendance at the Batman premiere at Warner Theatre. We will be dressed to the nines and shit, like socialites would be.

And be "nines," I mean in costume.

Seriously, how much do I want some of these for my friend Ben's Legendary Annual Picnic later this summer? Lots and lots, that's how much. Do you think if you wore one, you could float in a pool? Like, have your own raft, and then get out and sumo wrestle? Sweet.


K said...

Dear God! I will pledge eternal fealty to the kind sir or madam that purchases that Hulk costume for me. I wear a 16 32-33, 30 inch inseam, 32 inch waist.

The Governess said...

i like the fat slapper. they're so grody. i love them.