Monday, June 20, 2005

Baby don't you go and krump your hair


How excited* is this woman about David LaChapelle's "Rize"? Outrageously excited. I am hoping it's not too preachy. I have not seen "Clowns in the Hood," but I think I might have to find it. I cannot comprehend the speed at which these people move. It is astounding.


P.S. "Stiff" was a great book, I highly recommend it. I've let my loved ones know that I'd like to donate my body to science. I don't really care what you use me for. I figure this: in my life, I have no skills that make me useful to medical advancements or weapons testing or plane crash research; basically, anything having to do with a laboratory environment. In death, I'd really like to be a mad scientist. So: blow me up, slice me apart, compost me. Leave me in a field. I'm all yours.

*I was back in the day also this excited in re: to "Drumline." I talked about Drumline for weeks on end, only to be disappointed when I finally secluded myself in my hotel room in Las Vegas (yes, I said Vegas) one night to watch it. I blame Orlando Jones.

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