Wednesday, June 22, 2005

novocaine for my soul: part II

Sorry Governess, but this deserves a new post instead of a comment.

The best part of that CD is not the missing "goddamns" but the fact that they(?) changed the title of track 7 from It's a Mother Fucker to It's a Monster Trucker.


And I believe you stole to the CD from the Duchess, who did buy it at a North Carolina mountain-top Walmart.


The Duchess said...

He's right G.
Who cares about the shits, we need to talk about the MOTHER TRUCKER.!
And it is mine, and it was bought at a Walmart. I needed new music to listen to on my trip home for Fall Break or something. GrapeVine was closed so I had to get my tunes at the Mart.

I learned my lesson.

The Governess said...

Nope. I have the same one, purchased years prior to cohabitation w/ Duchess.

The Governess said...

Upon further reflection, I think mine is a purchase, back from when I still liked and didn't want to kill their puppies because they ALWAYS SEND ME THE WRONG ORDER.

And yes, you're right on about the Mothertrucker part. How could I forget that?