Friday, June 10, 2005


10 Things thought about wee-early this morning, while I should have been doing something to advance my atrophying career else.

1. Is it innapropriate (read: uncool) to wear airbursh to a Pixies concert? Is that a no-no, like white after Labor Day? I've got a teeshirt with my name written on it in swirly script, and a unicorn, on a palm-tree'd beach, at sunset, with a rose in its mouth. It was supposed to have a butterfly riding on it’s back, but apparently the artiste was too hopped-up on NyQuil and OE to comprehend that request. (Also, he tried to molest The D. Vaguely confirmed.)

2. If I were involved in polygamy, I’d want to be a middle wife, like: 3rd of six or something. My guess is they get mostly left alone.

3. "A Tribe Called Johnny Quest" is the best-worst band name ever. If I were a musician, I would be "Monkey Moves Cursor by Thinking." Or, "Republican Mother In Law." Those are tote indie. However, If I were a hip-hop superstar, I’d be shit out of luck, because "Juiceboxx" is taken and my dad’s already claimed "Assa-9."

4. I pulled my quad muscle on Thursday. It still hasn't healed. BALLS.

5. "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" is the most awful film experience of my life, and I love all movies. Except for this one. And "Be Cool." And "Last Action Hero." Maybe I’ll spend my lunch hour on IMDB looking for who exactly was responsible for that film. Maybe I’ll write a letter!

6. Once again: we've been suckered. A very adorable hound dog (seriously, a hound: like: bred for hunting bears and raccoons) we tried to adopt on Saturday, and name "Roy," (Or, "Varmint") was adopted out from under us. Again. I am getting morose and blue. I really, really wanted a dog that would protect me from bears.

7. While I’m on IMDB, I might as well find out what Mark Holton has been up to. (Answer = not much.)

8. You know who is amazing? The double-jointed guy who can fit through a tennis racket. That guy is incredible. I had forgotten all about him until I saw him featured on Telemundo Saturday night.

9. My quickly-forming "Weak Women’s Arm Wrestling League" is going to be so off the hook. I am very proud of myself.

10. Come on ride the ruminate train, whoooo-whoooo! We went out to eat last night, despite the oodles of food in our house. Mind you, when there's nothing at home, you can find me making a one-egg and dried basil and granola bar and frozen blueberry and salt omlette or something, because I'm so desparate, and not even considering going out to eat. Logic, not a strong point.

the Del Merei:

- The Nabob reports the Martinsville squash just fair, and the mushrooms not so great. Other members of the party report the squash is very good.
- I report the petite filet yum (order it medium for perfect pink/redness), the macaroni nicely rich and greasy, and the southern style green beans probably from a can, but still good in that childhood-nostalgia kind of way.
- Don't be a baby, order the frickles.
- The artichoke dip, although it sounds like something that should be only on the menus of Chilis or something, is wonderful.

Everything I ate was very heavy, but I also ordered a plate of soul food, so I got exactly what I expected/wanted. The portions are pretty good: not too small, but won't get you painfully over-stuffed either. I'd say for now, stick to Evening Star if yr in Del Ray (I love the Evening Star, so much it's really obnoxious. I've never had bad food there. Ever. And they have great coffee), but this place has potential (like I did! In high school! and then sat on it!) I was a member of the clean plate club last night. Moooo. I'm also a sucker for well-designed menus that are easy to read, because I'm old. And crabby.

Other things from this weekend: breaking open a geode, playing team sports, watching MTV's "Made" marathon*, having cute blondes who can dance like Eazy-E over for chicken sandwiches, naps, Old 97s concerts, meeting highly enjoyable humans who drink out of pineapples and are super-welcoming and nice. Happy new house and birthday, you people (!)

* Seriously, how much did I love the "Made" where chick went all BMX-biker and dropped her shoppy-shop GF's for a passel of big brother BMXers and then STUCK A FLIP, as an amateur, only the 2nd woman to ever do that in competition, or so notes MTV captioners? A buttload, that's how much I loved it. The Nabob reports it's original airing brought a tiny tear to his eye. He's not fooling. All the other "Mades" cannot compare to BMX biking chicks with asthma inhalers and attitudes, all "i'm just gonna do a flip already."

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