Wednesday, June 01, 2005

a terrible ten

1. Note to the modern world: try to never, ever book last minute Memorial Day plane tickets out of town.

2. Especially to Memphis.

3. I wish the definition of the word "demonstrative" was actually "to de-monster something." I'd probably use it in my daily vocabulary much more if that was it's meaning. The Nabob was demonstrative last Wednesday, killing the Wolfman in the basement.

4. I am exactly one day overdue on previously mentioned car inspection. Today is my mom's birthday!

5. Tomorrow: does anyone have a guess as to when Mr. Morrison will hit the stage?

6. Seriously though, Memphis. AND THEN DROVE THROUGH ARKANSAS.


The Duchess said...

Welcome home Governess, we've missed you.

Mr.Morrison tomorrow?

If you're still up for it, I'll wonder down the street and meet you there.

Elvis said...

Terrible six for you:

1. Next time, just drive. I've made it to Memphis in 15 hours. Well, maybe 15 1/2.

2. If you insist on going to Memphis, you might as well go all the way to Jackson.

3. The word demonstrative serves no manifest meaning and proves nothing to me.

4. Happy Birthday to your mother. Don't bother with car inspection -- just change license plates (Does Illinois have inspection requirement?).

5. I'm guessing Mr. Morrison will hit the stage tomorrow at 9:00 PM, but that is pure speculation and based on nothing in particular and an absence of knowledge generally.

6. Seriously though, next time, Memphis, hit Oxford MS and then the Delta. Cowboy up.

tom said...

Hey, our cars have the same inspection birthdays!

I bet I can hold out longer.

The Duchess said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Duchess said...

Oh, I totally got both of you.

I was suppose to get mine inspected in Feb.
You should do what I did, just move.

Kriston said...

How come so many comments get deleted by the author? What are the people saying that the Pygs don't want us to know?

The Governess said...

I know. I'm curious myself. People, proofread, c'mon.

The Governess said...

seriously, i'm not deleting those. So, your guess is as good as mine.

The Deceiver said...

It would be equally awesome if "remonstrative" could mean "given to playing REM's MONSTER over and over again."

"What? Crush With Eyeliner, again?"

"Yeah, Timmy's being remonstrative, as usual."

Banging, blaming,


the Nabob said...

Damn, it's a shame greatest post on this site comes from the DCeiver and not by the people who actually run it.

Remonstrative. Heyzues, that's good stuff.