Friday, June 17, 2005


There was just another Borat sighting in DC. A co-worker reports seeing him outside near the Mehwai Restaurant on M Street. He was apparently riding in a decrepit ice-cream truck like vehicle with fake/real police escort with 2 videotape crews. (This, of course, was the same co-worker that claimed to see Angelina Jolie walking from National Geographic toward the Ritz on Wednesday. Best week eva?)

In another Borat related story...happenstance found me in NYC last August, drunk with an old chum, discussing our favorite Ali G bits. On the way out of the bar we passed CNN's Candy Crowley who was in town for the RNC. My buddy walked up to her and said, "Candy, respect," and held out his fist. Although a little confused at his up-front-ness, after a moment she returned the fist bump and muttered "respect." We disappeared happily into the hot, Gotham night.

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