Thursday, June 16, 2005

Man, I'm linking to Pitchfork a lot lately

I have my usual Bloggy-blog complaints about Pitchfork (BITCHFORK! CREATIVE RENAMING!) like everyone else, but this article was pretty damn funny. The "Roskilde" and the "Fuji Rock" reviews are the best.

Roskilde, Denmark
June 26-July 3
170 Euros or free, depending on your scruples

... The music doesn't even begin until the fifth day of the festival, though, the first four dedicated to some seriously ridiculous hijinks. I'll try to relay this information fully knowing that it sounds insane. Within the camping village are these things called agoras, which serve as activity centers during the "Warm-Up" period. Events and programs include: a singles service that posts pictures and cell numbers of the desperately horny, a bookmobile, dance classes, juggling lessons, a 20-foot living matchstick man, "The Wunderbaumgirls", and a trio of performance groups (the Buffoons, Dunkelfolket, and Scarecrows) that look like medieval murder squads. Scandinavians are so much weirder than you can even conceive.

I so want to go to Denmark this summer, visit some relatives, get a juggling lesson or two.

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