Monday, June 06, 2005

Secret Shame #2

Jessie Spano

The Nabob caught me watching "Showgirls" on VH1 last night.


After pretending I wasn't.

My remote finger is soooooo not fast.

But the blurring-boobies effect was genius! Little bra tops! One was even re-created in leopard print to match her outfit! Way to go, VH1.


sojourning crow said...

ya gotta get the whole previous channel button thing going on. pretend to be surfing and then when they come in be like yea, *exhale* and move on to the next channel. also learn to listen fpr the sounds of approach there's a rhythm to your place. list and know it. you are less likely to get caught...

tom said...

But I thought Showgirls was now officially a cult classic, and that as long as you maintained an ironic sense of disdain it was okay to secretly enjoy it.

I could be wrong about that, though. Best to double-check with your neighborhood's disaffected youth first.