Monday, June 20, 2005

Third "Baby..." post in a row

Read this here website first.

From Lindsayism: It's been a while. I wonder if Dave Eggers is still maniacally trying to micro-micro-micromanage every tiny facet of his image? Let's check... Yep!

I'm not just posting this because "Never Mind the Pollacks" is one of my favorite books of the past several years. And, like a lot of people, I loved "AHWOSG." I'm sure Dave Eggers is a great guy, and I'm sure I'd be even more anally paranoid if sudden celebrity came knocking on my door. But c'mon.

EDIT: Update, if you have a NY Times account.


Ethan Wiggum said...

as a one-time mcsweeney's writer-dork, i will defend dave eggers to the death. or until they stop publishing "dan kennedy solves your problems with paper", whichever comes first.

The Governess said...

Listen, I love DE's writing too, and think he's done amazing things for the community-at-large. That being said, seriously, why throw a tantrum about Neal Pollack? Literary rumor has it he's becoming more and more insufferable to be around, which is a shame.

lindsay said...

DE didn't have celebrity suddenly thrust on him. He spent years chasing it down (remember how pissed and sour-grapesy he was about not getting on the Real World way back in 1992?) I like some of his writing too, but he takes himself so seriously that he makes it almost impossible to like anything about him.

The Governess said...

Again, like his writing, but you're right- his public persona makes it hard to assume I'd actually LIKE him in real life.