Thursday, June 09, 2005

Goofy Foot


Hot Hot Heat's frontman looks like Carly Simon crossbred with a Bichon Frise – Jeffy Reguilon

(Or, Steven Cojocaru with a perm!)


I've done up a quick Powerpoint to get the ideas flowing, people! We need to discuss a critical topic: "Lords of Dogtown" vs. "Gleaming the Cube". This is a brainstorming session, you guys, and we're looking for creativity. Remember, this is YOUR company too!!! I need 110% here! You're my go-to-guys! Do I talk to HR about setting up motivation seminars for you people?? Strategolutions!

Sorry, the Powerpoint has that effect every time.

Honestly, true story or not, GTC comes out ahead. It had the Vietnamese mafia, AND Christian Slater's teen angst, which in my opinion reigns as an unstoppable duo. I may be biased, seeing as GTC is one of my Top Movies of All Time, and I ordered a VHS tape off of Ebay a few years ago and would hold the Duchess hostage and force her to watch it with me. On repeat.


Have I really gotten to the point where I'm going to start posting things like, "Songs I'd Play if I Were an IPod DJ, Which I'm Not?"


Oh, dear Lord in heaven, save a poor blogging soul from having to do that.


The Year in Trends. Kind of interesting, but as my friend Mike mentioned, "it's written like high school yearbook copy." I think the whole idea of tracking trends for some kind of cultural/historical benefit is a nice idea, but this read like a woman's magazine WHAT'S HOT/WHAT'S NOT list, and I hate those. I'm always sixteen seasons behind, anyways.


Fletch said...

Gleaming the Cube. Man. What a flashback.

"You want a five dollah suckie-suck?"

Luis Nieto said...

Sound very interesting indeed "brainstorming session" please send me some more info to know more about this