Thursday, June 16, 2005

Secret Shame #5: Apparently, it's Scandinavian Day

There was a certain period of time, approx. 2000-2001, where I included Lucas the Danish rap star's "Lucas with the Lid Off", on every mix tape I made.

I made a lot of mixtapes (tapes, not CDs. TAPES) at that point in my life, probably because I was depressed. (That may/may not have had something to do with the fact that I was living in a basement way out in the sticks, with an unemployed landscaper roommate with a penchant for the song "Proud to Be An American.")

To anyone who had to drive in a car with me during those years: my apologies. But admit it, you secretly loved Lucas. Maybe even as much as I did.


the Nabob said...

Whatever bubbles, bubbles up! Wancheese!

The Deceiver said...

Uhh. Muh. Guh!

My wife's friend Ami made us, yes!, a mixTAPE way back in the daze, and that song was on it and oui, c'est ci BON!

[holy shit that's awesome]