Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Two Way Monologue

Pros and Cons of an anti-Clear Channel wedding reception...

Pro: Talking Heads mother/Groom dance

Con: Sufjan Stevens is hard to dance to.

Pro: Jurrasic 5. May have been the first Jewish wedding featuring the line "We harass n****s like we was the po-po" But I'll have to do a Lexis-Nexis search on that.

Con: Former college radio DJ's, swelling with percieved musical superiority, unplug the iPod mid-dance to switch to their machines. Also three second pause while next song cues is no good.

Pro: The Old 97's Niteclub

Con: Guy repeatidly doing the splits when Hey Ya was played. Granted, it was the only song he knew. (Sorry, Rookie)

Pro: Dance off

Con: Wedding Guest: Nabob, who was that guy who got all worked up and started arguing with you?

Me: Not sure, Frank maybe? He was pretty drunk. I told him I was going to see Wilco at Merriweather and he flipped.

Wedding Guest: HeyZues! Never bring up Tweedy around Frank! Didn't you read the invitation? He's a Farrar guy.

Me: Oh. That Frank.
(Oddly enough, this happened tot he Nabob at a past wedding also, but then it was about Ben Folds)

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The Governess said...

"Um, 'Your Favorite Band Sucks?' what the hell kind of teeshirt is that? BEN FOLDS IS A GOD AMONGST MEN."