Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Vlad Cuk

HBO had this horrible movie on last week and the Nabob was shocked to see an old acquaintance.

Goold old Vlad Cuk. As a 7 foot plus Serbian he was hard to miss, but that didn't stop him from disappearing one day. Rumor had it he was fed up with basketball so he packed it up and went to LA to become an actor. Looks like he made it. Playing a 7 foot plus Serbian basketball player.

My assumption would have been that he had a monopoly on all giant Eastern European roles. But his IMDB page suggests that there is someone else out there, snaking the jobs out from under him. Muresan, maybe? But I doubt Georgie can handle a gun like Vlad can. Or perhaps it's his limited range, halting English and that his 7'3" frame fits better prone than upright in the 16:9 ratio. Either way, if your a Hollywood exec look at this resume. I gotta think Vlad would be perfect in your latest straight to Cinemax feature.

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