Thursday, June 09, 2005


A slow day at work means I finally finished McCullough's latest, 1776. Not his best and certainly not the best concerning the time period, but still an enjoyable read. And it's reminded the Nabob why the 18th century pleased me so.

1. "I have never been afraid of the force of the enemy. I am more so of their arts. They must be watched . They, like the Frenchman, look one way and row the other." - General William Heath

Ah, the French. Forever mistrusted.

2. "The whores, the trulls, 'these bitchfoxly, jades, hags, strums'"

Such wondrous vocabulary! Why, I wonder, did the ladies of this site choose their stuffy noms de plume when The Bitchfoxly was available?

3. Tall and somewhat overweight, as was the fashion...

I long for the day when being tall and overweight is the fashion once again. Curse this love for mutton! And H&M slim fitted shirts!


The Governess said...

H&M cannot accomodate booty.

The Duchess said...

therefore perfect for some.
if only they could figure out how to accommodate the lanky and bootyless

Elvis said...

Did we actually win something at Trenton? "Yah, you beat the British." I'm like, "nah, not really, we got to keep Trenton." Trenton I could do without. 1776 or 2005.