Friday, June 24, 2005

I wanted more rude boys too.

Am I the only one that was a little disappointed in the concert last night? Obviously, Ted Leo's songs are great and all, but he just seemed a bit off. The mixing started off like they hadn't done a sound check and the levels seemed screwy all night. Also his interaction with the crowd reminded me when that really funny kid gave his science project presentation in high school; you watch him with this expectation that he's about do something awesome or outrageous, but it never happens. Both Leo and the audience seemed to want to feed off each other but the night ended in an unsatisfying stalemate.

On the plus side, there was a group of kids next to us who were adorable in their naiveté. They asked each other about Ted's accent and concluded he was English but was trying to talk American to impress the audience. In fact, I actually heard later that he was trying to impress you in the white halter-top specifically.

On the down side, they also tried several times to push their way past us to get a better view. And they were, uh... not small.


The Governess said...

I have a whole diatribe against 930 club goers penned, and yet it's kind of mean so I feel bad posting it. Maybe later.

tom said...

Make sure you include the morons who wear view-blocking cowboy hats to DC rock shows.

To those people, I say -- that's right, you're not from Texas. To reiterate: you're not from Texas. However, I hear that Texas wants you anyway.

So scram.

The Governess said...

arrggh. Cowboy hats. BOOOOOO.