Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sing it with Me...

..."Let's all go the the movies, et's all go to the movies, let's all go to moooovies, and grab ouselves a treeaaattt NNOOOOOOOOO!!!! ALEXXXXIIIISSSSSSS........." (I'm pretty sure that's not how the song goes, but eh.)

In conclusion:

Christians mostly love Batman Begins, mostly hate Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and think Shark Boy and Lava Girl is radical because it emphasizes "believing in your dreams because they may come true, kind of like Joseph."

Fair enough.

Where your real trouble may lie, people, is in a little film called The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Those slutty teens are out to steal your children's souls, and something tells me the reviewers have NO CLUE as to what Alexis Bledel has really been up to this year.


tom said...

well of course conservative christians like batman. let's break it down:

- rich

- white

- tough on crime

- has dealt with his personal problems the christian way: by resigning himself to a life of secrecy and shame

- wears lots of rubber, hangs out with a teenage boy all the time and can't maintain a relationship with a woman. But not, you know, in a gay way.

- and finally, my understanding is that our god is an awesome god. batman is also awesome. QED.

K said...

I want Alexis Bledel inside of me.

A Unique Alias said...

"The main thing that parents have to be aware of in this movie is that one of the girls is very flirty and enticing towards a young man that she encounters over the summer and loses her virginity with him."

THAT SHAMELESS HUSSY! Obviously the movie should have been called "The Sisterhood of the Slatternly Strumpets." Flirty? Enticing?? Quick, get Rodd and Todd Flanders out of the theatre! In the movie, They used the highly offensive expression, "Oh My G__," three times. It was even utilized once in Spanish, to break down the religious resolve of all those Mary-worshippin' Latinos. ¡Qué lástima!