Friday, June 24, 2005

Panda-monium (ugh)

Sure the baby cheetah's are cute. And nothing's been rat-poisened in a while. The National Zoo is hot, everyone's talking. But it's going to get worse as the Mei Xiang pregnancy watch is scheduled to start on Monday.

As a result, I'm placing a ban on all writers for the term Panda-monium or any other bear/cub/preggers pun. It's 4:21pm, June 24, 2005.


cuff said...

I guess the interest in this pregnancy will be pand(a)-emic in DC...(pregnant pause)...maybe the Post should dispatch a cub reporter.

How many rules did I just violate?

Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

The National Zoo has great grounds, lousy displays and almost no animals. :( I was there last week with my kids and there wasn't a seal or walrus in sight.

The good news is that my childhood memories of Zoo stench and yellowjackets galore are gone. :)