Tuesday, June 14, 2005

this monkey is hiding in a radiator song


1. Kim Deal is a total beast. She's all, "I'm gonna smile through every song!" "I am adorable!" "I don't care if it's 98 degrees and 99% humidity, fucker, I'm gonna wear a wool sweater if I feel like it!"

2. Yes, they played "Debaser." No, they did not play "Here Comes Your Man."

3. There were several dancing (?) nu-hippie chicks, one guy who did a modified bunny hop down the entire lawn while holding two full beers (talent), and one dude in front of us who appeared to be wearing a pirate-themed bandana on his head. He was quiet most of the time, and then he'd suddenly FREAK OUT and scream along to the lyrics. He was cool, but only because we were outside and I could keep me uh protective bubble of space around my body.

4. My brother, in town for the sole reason of "seeing the Pixies, dude", kept saying "She's such a badass." It took me a few minutes to realize he meant a certain someone on stage, and not the scantily clad blonde chick he kept eyeing up and down every time she passed our beach blanket bingo party. Gross. But anyways, agreed upon. Refer to #1. Deal is a badass.

5. They opened with "In Heaven" and then went into "Wave of Mutilation." After that I was all transfixed by the big glowing screen of all things Pixie and intense guitar, (kind of like a baby and a ceiling fan: open-mouthed, kind of drooly? yeah) so I can't really tell you the order of things.

6. There are no fast food drive-throughs in a planned community like Columbia, Maryland.

7. Complaint: it was way too short. But they didn't do a real encore, so they therefore have earned my respect. I have a thing about encores: mostly, I hate them and find them pointless.

8. "Surfer Rosa" went gold, (an hour before the show, or so joked Frankie) and the RIAA presented them with their record/plaques. It only took 17 years!

9. Oh yeah, and Bloc Party was there too.

10. Once home, satisifed and happy, I crawled into bed to watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It may have been aperfect night.

Oh, such is my love for this concert.


nm said...

i was standing in front of the freak-out bandana guy. man, he was going nuts. and there are so drive-throughs. i know because i was trapped living in columbia for a whole year before i knew better.

The Governess said...

where? we couldn't find any. i had to settle for the (admittedly very posh) mall food court.

I only know the "other side" of columbia, near the Dick's sporting goods place, so I was clueless.

nm said...

hmmm there's a taco bell near there somewhere, and a mcdonalds. i'll try to remember the street names and get back to you for future merriweather trips.

pemdasi said...

A friend and me stayed in Catonsville, MD about 10 mins away from the merriweather. The only fast food places around there were checkers (which served us COLD hamburgers) and Chick-fillet. Apparently you can't buy beer in a convience or grocery store around there, we looked and found naught except at a liquor store.

From what I have heard, the pixies have done the gold record stunt thing at every other show, but I don't know if that is true or not.

pemdasi said...

I'm wrong about the gold record bit, I can't find mention of it at any other show.