Monday, June 13, 2005

don't get me wrong, i really liked "Achtung Baby."

some other blog reminded me of this:

I was 15 or 16, and was sitting in Ms. Egan’s art class, perfecting my pen-n-ink stippling technique of paper bags or whatever (Ms. Egan loved making her students draw paper bags. What the holy hell was that all about?) when someone asked me what my "desert island" tape would be: like, if you only had one album and your solar-charged Walkman (and unbeknownst to the questioneer at the time, you were about to stage your own personal "Lost") on an island and you had to listen to it forever, what would the album be?

And I thought and thought and finally I said something kind of douchey and popular and whatever, like "Achtung Baby", because I didn’t want to admit my desert island album at age that age would be "Brotherhood" by New Order, and that probably made me a gay British Man instead of the female Student Government rep for my homeroom.

A decade+++ later, my answer has changed, but not by a whole lot.

Dear my husband, you married a gay British man. My bad.

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