Monday, June 06, 2005

I said "cockles"

I know that is just, so 2003 or whatever, but I'm a crabby old lady and I've had a bad day. My arthritis is acting up.

Guess what makes my grumpy days better, even lo these long years later??????

Kittens playing the xylophone.

Now, don't go leavin' any comments about how this isn't the best one, alright? Alrighty. I like the Viking kittens too. Who doesn't? But the Northern Kittens warm my cockles 'n stuff every time.

* * *

PS: Side note to the people who adopted the very cute dog I had my eye on first, but got their shit together before I even rubbed the sleep out of my eyes: I shake my fist at you. She was a very beautiful doggie, so you better take good care of her. You also better hope you don't run into me in a dark U Street alley or anything, because DO YOU KNOW WHAT A MOTHER'S WRATH LOVE IS LIKE????!?!?!?

Do you?

PPS: I am working on a genius new entry for CPJL. Give it time.

PPPS: I am going to the gym tonight. To beef up my biceps. To beat cute dog owners with.


The Duchess said...

And to beat me at arm-wrestling?
You know we have never gone head-to-head.
We always just go straight to LJG because you and I know we'll beat her.

Sorry, LJG, but you know it's true.

The Governess said...

I am fearful of you. Your leverage is way better than mine.

tom said...

Well, I'm going to leave one of those irritating comments anyway, but NOT to point to the viking kittens. Instead, I suggest the one with the Russian disco dancing crabs with darth vader heads.

The Governess said...

that one's great too. I just have a special place in my heart for Elbow, I think.

And driving caps.