Tuesday, June 28, 2005

smooth as hell and free to do something else

Googlism is addicting. I've tried it with several people's names: family, friends, great-uncles who have been dead for many years, coworkers, George Clinton. However, the funniest results, hands down, have been with my own name:

According to Googlism, I am:

... a deadbeat
... champ
... smooth as hell
... a phenomenon
... stupid
... the second youngest of the quartet
... a deadbeat by the editors we heard
... a lesbian or bi
... program director of the warner foundation
... is freaking great
... is free to do something else
... is champ by dermot james
... is out and working hard to try and get signed up to various parts and roles
... is currently a sophomore history major at frederick community college in
... is off to the states
... is shooting
... is so good
... is a retired united church minister
... is studying the evolution of a new gene
... is 5'10" tall and has brown eyes
... is an artist
... is the outstanding student of the year
... is also a fundraiser for local charities
... is a second class office with one regular and one intermediate rural route with two carriers
... is available for book signings in a variety of locations including coffee houses
... is ethical

And, last but oh so certainly not least:

... is one of the great mavericks of fantasy literature

There's approximately 600 more of these. Interesting that the term "deadbeat" was used more than once in the first few results. Right on! I'm considering reformatting my resume to be nothing more than strings of results from Googlism. The Internets is so very accurate.


Kriston said...

This was one of my all-time favorite Internet toys. Very pleased by "is getting kinda toasty."

tom said...

I hadn't heard of this site. A personal highlight:

...is more than likely a fictional character created by this asian company to send me weekly spam aout their kids

That's not bad. But, if I were British, I would be extremely amused by this one:

...is in superb trim

The Governess said...

i love the term "trim."

As Sarah Brown once described Connor Oberst: "knee-deep in hoodie-clad trim."

brett said...

"moonie-eyed, hoodie-clad trim", if memory serves, g.

And googlism only gave me three. sad day.