Thursday, June 16, 2005

Everybody Gets a Second Chance in This Town

It's good to hear Frank Herzog on the radio again, I guess he's doing the post-drive-time on WTOP. It was shame he got bounced out of the Redskin's gig for Larry Michaels. Especially now since Synder hired Michaels to run the team's website. If you watch any of the old NFL films of the 'Skins it's always Herzog's who's calling the games and I still say his signature "Touchdown, Washington Redskins" whenever the team (or I) score. But the days when the whole city would turn down the TV volume and listening to Sam, Sonny and Frank are long gone. I know they put announcers in the football Hall of Fame and if there is any justice Herzog will wind up there in a few years. Hell, he's the only person associated with the team in the last ten years who's got a chance anyways. Unless there's a Hall of Fame for people who punch Stephen Davis in the face.


Look, I'm certainly no expert on lighting or how TV works, but Channel 9 sure made Jessica Cutler look like crap last night in their Washingtonienne story.

Say what you will about what or who Cutler did, but she at least deserves to presented in non-Nosferatu lighting. It looks like they sat her down in someone's empty office, turned off the lights and shined a police Mag-Light on her. Granted, she didn't do her self any favors with that hair, dress and lack of makeup but they make her forehead look as it's at its maximum reflect setting. And it sounds as is her day just kept getting better.

Another thing about the story. It seems a little rough to show pictures of generic Northwest DCers when the narration says "Washington is Hollywood for ugly people." At least when they do stories about fat people they usually shoot the video so all you see is guts and butts.


The Governess said...

I hereby declare moratorium on all things Cutler. Althought that photo is unfortunate, I could not care any less about her or her book. Unless she wrote about vampires. Or ponies. Then I'd care.

the Nabob said...


The Governess said...

Little do you know, I have an offer from Judith Regan: "LIFE N TIMES OF THE GOVERNESS."

It starts with me eating cheetos from the box, watching "Bachelorette" reruns. The end is similar, but I don't want to ruin the surprise.

Much like Britney's fans, I don't think you can handle thr truth.