Thursday, August 31, 2006

apparently i grew up in an episode of "Reno 911"

I swear to God, I kind of wish I made this up, or I could tell you that this was the result of my last drawing class of the semester (which was last night, which means my weeknight drinking habit? Back on! Summer camp has officially ended!) But I did not. Welcome to my hometown newspaper.

- - -

Totally related:

S: Loudoun is a sitcom. Complete with wacky politically charged teachers who end up on myspace; wannabe bikini models who's bestest years ever were high school and plan on reliving those years forever; and the people that watch and judge from far away. like looking into an ant farm. What if, in Sterling,
this all makes sense. How crazy would that be?

The G: Bwa hahahahaha. Omgz, we're in the cage looking out, not the other way around? META. Okay, not really, but still.

- - -

P.S. And S. chimes in some more: "What happened to robbing convenience stores? AND this dude is 5'4? He shouldn't be too hard to find. How many guys are that short? 'APB: pixie man-boy robs hobby town. news and stache classification at 11.'"

Somewhere in there there is a joke about robbing a hobby shop for a miniature house to live in, or perhaps tiny tiny fake monopoly money, (or a pony to ride away on!) but S. can't figure it out yet. She's promised to get back to me when the best joke surfaces.*

* UPDATE: Carjacking! Bada bing.

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