Monday, August 21, 2006

ugh on at least 7 levels


the only thing that makes Regis and Kelly Lee* bearable is the constant commercials for the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

* (I know there's no "Lee," but whatever.)

* * *

Also my friends went to a bachelorette party this weekend where there was an 18-year old "pizza delivery guy." (READ: WANG.) Barf.


topic15 said...

I can almost here it now...Ding dong...Hello?...Did someone order a pizza with "extra sausage?"

nm said...

Are you going to the Renaissance Festival? I've never been to one.

The Governess said...

oh, they are hilarious. you must go.

K said...

You learn who your real friends are when 18 year old wang arrives at a party...some hide in closets with you out of sheer terror and others rat you out.