Thursday, August 17, 2006

farking snakes

we have competition!!!!!

Friday at 7:30/10:10, RFD and Regal Cinemas presents: FARK READERS.


How many computer nerds can one building hold before it spotaneously combusts? Bloggers AND Fark-snarkers? Holy crap, am I gonna have to dig out some ASCII * -humored teeshirts and Jedi trivia cards or what, people.

(* I don't know what this means.)


Sommer said...

If all of us are gathered in the same movie theater, does the internet make a sound?

tom said...

sounds shmounds, who's going to be manning the damn thing?

The Governess said...

omgz. the internetz will be free-for-all open season on friday night. don't tell the bad guys.

i'm assuming tom will have some sort of crazy "mobile internet" device with him, just in case.

ilb said...

If Tom's on our side, I like our chances.