Friday, August 11, 2006

So long suckers

It’s Friday and I was supposed to be on vacation. And I’m not!

But before we sign off for a few days, here are some photos we couldn’t attach to any entries.


I don’t buy sunglasses that cost more than $14.99. Sure they’re ugly as sin and probably increase the level of dangerous UVA and UVB reaching my cornea but they’ll be sat on or run over by a lawn mower in a few days anyway.

But these sunglasses let you see baby dinosaurs crossing the street!

Without magic glasses!

Holy crap!

This sun barfs nacho cheese!

This duck tried to drown his-self in the Reflecting Pool last week ‘cause it was so hot!

There is a long and ever growing list of things that are not allowed to be mentioned on this site. Last week it was wisely ruled that the Mel would be added. But that was after I already designed the graphics!

I’ve never seen any of the Fast/Furious* films. But that didn’t stop me from making a cake commemorating what I imagine happened in the movies. Well, I didn’t actually make it as we didn’t own a stove at the time. But we did decorate it. And by “we”, I mean the Governess did all the work. But I was the Executive Producer on the project and negotiated for the Happy Meal rights!

*There are 3 Romanian models in Hong Kong who think they partied with Paul Walker back in 2001. Ladies, I’m sorry to admit this, but that was actually me when I had longer, curlier hair. True story!


tom said...

fantastic on many levels. as usual.

Brunch Bird said...

Oh my god, it's the nacho fountain that Ricky Bobby was talking about in "Talladega Nights!" I thought that was made up.

The Governess said...

that nacho cheese fountain was conceived, discussed, and enacted well before that movie came out. LAWSUIT.