Tuesday, August 29, 2006



Cowboyz n Poodles


Enough with the skulls already. Listen, I was hyped about it too at first, but now it's getting pretty fucking retarded *.

If we're going to go with a new fashion trend, let us all consider just, like, HEADS. But still with flesh. And oozing blood. Etc. All before being picked clean.

Same with pirates. Pirates, I am done with you. Shut up.

* * *

Also re: fashion, don't even get me started on a "vintage-style apron" website the D and I have been discussing this afternoon. I can't even link to it, because the language used is just that weird.

* (Full disclosure, I own this.)

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nm said...

That bathing suit is really cute... But actually, I've cut myself off from owning anything else with a scull on it. And did you hear that guns are the new sculls? Oh, and I saw a girl wearing an apron at the Black Cat once. I almost choked, it was so wrong.