Friday, August 25, 2006


pop quiz: How is it possible that one person can love Erasure and yet hate the Scissor Sisters with such an unbridled passion? And by "one person," I mean me?

I've been trying to force some love into my icy, coal-dust-encrusted musicial heart. I got onto Hype Machine, and started listening to the Sisters. More than 1 song, even. Start to finish. And this is what my brain conjured:

But in my head, the monkey is also smashing a synthesizer with a ball peen hammer.

Fuck it, I'm not apologizing. I TRIED. How can you listen to this, internet.

* * *

- If you thought i posted this entry just to use the Cowboy Dog-Riding Monkey, you are about 89% correct. the other 11% goes to my seething re: the Scissor Sisters.

- No, I'm not going to see Shellac, but if you run into SA as he's skulking out of the mens room or something, make sure you plant a wet sloppy one on him for me.

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