Thursday, August 03, 2006

pleasing to yr ears

For some reason Pitchfork isn't working today, so from Catbirdseat (Aug 1 entry):
"Hey, did you guys all see this on the 'Fork: Exploding Hearts Reissued, Compiled! Thank god. Dirt Nap is finally doing a re-release of Guitar Romantic on vinyl. I can't tell you how many times I've had to talk myself out of dropping a hundy on one of those copies that pop up on eBay every so often. I'm glad I held out. Anyway, in addition to the vinyl, they're also doing a compilation of singles, demos, and etc., called Shattered. Awesome."

That's exciting at least for me, and maybe Drew. I don't know about the rest of you.

Similar vein: (ie, exciting for me and maybe not you.... well, and not really me, either, seeing as I won't be in any of these places-) and via MySpace, no joke:
"Hello all. There are going to be some special, atypical Okkervil River shows this month in some small Southern towns and we'd like to let you know about them. Earlier in the month will see some Will Sheff solo shows in the South. At these shows, Will's going to be playing solo renditions of old favorites alongside rarer Okkervil River and Shearwater songs, and he'll also be unveiling brand-new material that may find its way onto the next Okkervil River full-length. Later in the month Okkervil will be playing two very special shows in Texas, both of which will see the full band playing long rock and roll sets full of rare, new, and unreleased tunes along with some one-time only covers. Dates for all this are below. Thanks for reading.

Will Sheff solo dates:

08/03/06 Wilmington, NC - The Soapbox Laundro Lounge
08/04/06 Greensboro, NC - Green Bean
08/05/06 Birmingham, AL - Bottletree

Okkervil River special shows:

08/18/06 Dallas, TX - Sons of Hermann Hall
08/20/06 Austin, TX - TBA"

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Drew said...

/me makes teenage faces
That is exciting! Waiting until Halloween for it isn't so great though. I want it now!