Saturday, August 19, 2006

the cat was more IN the bag than ON the bag.

Now with pictures and pink fonts that remind me of signage the Hacienda would have used circa 1987, or maybe a Dee-Lite album!

THS: Chips Ahoy!

* * *

I feel obligated to write something about the movie event of my lifetime, but it's Saturday night and I'm on the internet, and so if I write about SOaP now my head will honestly explode in a fiery ball of geekitude. You'll have to wait.

Also, I had Taco Bell for lunch. That doesn't have anything to do with anything*, but I thought I'd share. I hate Taco Bell, except for their nachos. They are 89 cents! Who cares that the cheese product smells like feet. I sense your judgement. Bah. We all have our kryptonite, assholes.

* (Okay, it does kind of, because I had been thinking about Taco Bell since last night, when I was annoyingly informing anyone who would listen that Bluetooths reminded me of that "bad Sandra Bullock movie where she was a cop from the future? Where Taco Bells are the only restaurant? Something like 'DOOM DAY.' " Sommer insisted "Judge Dredd," Tom came to my rescue with a remarkably quick "Demolition Man." Thanks, Tom!

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tom said...

Tom came to my rescue with a remarkably quick "Demolition Man." Thanks, Tom!

It's why I was put on this earth (or at least why I spent highschool watching the entire Snipes/Van Damme/Seagal ouevre).