Tuesday, August 22, 2006

leaders of women

1. About Dov's Empire (-Waist Sheer Rib Baby Tee). I don't have a fully-formed opinion on the article itself yet- I think I need to re-read it a few more times, but I will say A) Charney close-rhymes with smarmy (while his company's working conditions are, to be sure, better than other factories/offices around the globe - that still doesn't give him a the right to flash his wang /not provide reasonable health care/other problems, too many to be fully detailed here [hundreds round the internet have already detailed his megablunders] - ALL WHILE portraying himself as the savior of the modern American worker [ug!!!!!!]) and B) Clamor provides other clothing options that are Charney-free (in small print, sure, but at least they give alternatives):

Alternative: www.alternativeapparel.com
Justice Clothing: www.justiceclothing.com
No Sweat: www.nosweatapparel.com

Phew. That was a lot of worthless spew for that payoff, eh?

2. Background: A.) I am really, really lazy. I love naps, and snacks; I hate running, I have crackly knees, and they hurt, and I complain. I am highly allergic to mosquito bites. B.) It is very, very difficult for the N. and I to exercise together, because I turn into a petulant child that rebels at his every suggestion/criticism. Also, he is kind of an exercise fiend.

So S. and I have signed up for a 5k in October in Baltimore, mostly because we are BFF with a really freaky involved runner-type who will jet off to California on a whim to participate in half marathons, all like: whatever, they're fun! (She's wrong.) She is running the half marathon or maybe full marathon again, and she gets a fly Under Armor shirt for doing this, and also I am jealous of her athletic prowess and do not want to be stuck on the sidelines holding a sign like last year, although that was fun. I should mention the last time I ran over a mile was 1997, but given the next few weeks, I am confident that I SHOULD be able to do this, and will just have to follow a plan (already printed out) and seriously, it's just 3.125 miles. I ran track in HS. I do not have asthma. I do have shin splints, and run like a duck - but I will be fine, I just need to drag my increasingly flabby ass off my couch, which is the hardest part.

This is funny, it really is funny: I know. I never participate in things like... well... health concious things. But listen: when I call to tell you about it, don't actually laugh at me, okay? Because my patently obvious poor-exercise-esteem thing will crumble into a million choking-hazard pieces, and I will think to myself "oh, you are right, I could NEVER do something like this" and I will sit on the sidelines and cry and then take my Legos and Little Ponies and go home to pout because you are playing mean.

Anyhoodles, 5k. Hilarious.

3. Courtesy an email/post/reminder from Drew: SomethingIlearnedToday's early Joy Division collection. Even though I never had a copy of Warsaw, when I hear Failures especially, (which is SO GREAT BTW), I am automatically 18 again and making mixtape covers on my mom's Gateway Word Perfect, and they are black and white and have BRITISH FLAGS on the cover, okay, so they are tough. Yay for the internet, again.

Go listen to Walked in Line. And Failures, obv.

4. And finally, via ILB: the always-haunting Glenn vs. Henry question. So great.

Yo, whattup, I steal all my content from bloggers.


the Nabob said...

I didn't mean to laugh when you said you were running. Actually, I did mean to laugh, but didn't mean to hurt your feelings. But I guess they go hand in hand. Or atleast foot in mouth.

The Governess said...


the Nabob said...

How about I take your running tonight. Will that make up for anything? Or will you just sit down after two blocks and wait for me to go get the car?

The Governess said...


i'm going running without you, pre-drinking with San & L. But thanks for the offer.

* (me sitting down)