Friday, August 18, 2006


According to my boss, "you don't want to rock the boat on a Friday!," which is code for "I'm so leaving the office by noon," so I've decided I just might not work at all today either. Won't you join us?

Stuff I've read so far this morning:

- Chicago refugees learn to be healthier than us moronic, fatty natives.

- Seriously, Maine? It's just a dog.

- I was really into looking at hi-speed photos of things exploding, until I stopped wondering so much about the shit being ruined (mostly eggs) and started wondering more about this chick's manicure. It is ridiculous. Do you think she's a professional hand model?

- math rock.

Stuff I've thought about so far this morning:

- Missing out on the Iowa State fair. Not exactly an equal substitute, but if they have a giant pumpkin or something, I could probably be convinced: hello, VA. The only problem is that I have already seen Travis Tritt, at the Clay County Fair of '03. I would like to round out my adult country music experience, if at all possible.

- Whether or not my friends are totally retarded or totally awesome by registering for a gumball machine for a weding gift (I got them Scenes from a Marriage and dishes instead. Yawn.)

- So, if you were Okkervil River you would def. add a DC date in between a Baltimore date (Oct 16) and a Durham date (Oct 18), right?

- Snakes.

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