Monday, August 28, 2006

The Governess: Voted most Likely in the Senior Class to Push Someone out a Window

- (Personal to work people: shut UP, PAT.)

- My mom went to her 40th high school reunion on Saturday. I went over to my folks house; sat and watched her and her friend from out of town (blousy, bawdy, boob job, kind of drunk, kept calling my dad "Jim") getting ready for the big night. It was as if I were 8 years old again and might then go try on her high heels when she left the house. They were, in a word--> cutediculous? The whole shebang has given my Ma this crazy high, occasionally seen after a few glasses of wine but something I hadn't really witnessed in a while. I'm pretty sure the high came from knowing she'd be the best looking one there, and still skinny; and my father chose to stay at home wand work on his football draft, therefore she could drink and dance with her 1965 prom date, who is a poet with great hair.

- (Seriously, Pat, eat a fat one. There is no need to get ALL CAPS EMAILS on me.)

- We are going to watch/witness the bridge meltdown/blow up tonight. Midnight! That is late for a curmudgeonly old bag like myself! But I don't think I could pass up watching metal melt into itself, and crumble in a big heap. I'm kind of disappointed it''s not the whole thing, just a part of it, and over land, too? Lame. I wanted some sort of giant sploosh. I'd assume you'd be able to watch all this from Jones Point park, even though the parking will be off limits? Time to conduct some internet research. (If you don't think some 15 year old has already set up a message board with instructions on how to sneak past security, then you have no faith in America's youth.)

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