Friday, August 04, 2006

annnnnnnd, break!

(hey internet:

I'm looking for a messenger bag because my current one: A) sucks and has a terrrible strap and is planning on killing me one bad shoulder/neck at a time and isn't really a messenger bag per se, but is more of a "black bag I got on sale at the Gap that has served it's purpose but now must die" kind of bag and B) see A. I am not a biker, nor any sort of professional bike messenger, nor do I even own a bike these days. So although I find the Chrome citizen extremely cool, I am checking my poser potential at the door. Trust me, the potential is high. Through the roof.

So does anyone know anything about the Ground Shinumo Shoulder Bag? It looks like a possibility. Or have any other suggestions?)


Anonymous said...

The Jack Spade messenger bag and vertical messenger bag are rugged canvas, quite nice, and very understated. You can get the at the Kate Spade store in Georgetown.

The Deceiver said...

Dude. Go out to REI and purchase the Timbuk2 messenger bag. It costs like $100 but it is SO WORTH IT. Care's uncle showed me his at a family gathering and I was like: "ME WANTY!" I bought it that afternoon and I adore it. The bag is like porn on crack covered in awesome sauce.

The Governess said...

omgnstufff!!!!!! "porn on crack covered in awesome sauce" is EXACTLY my bag criteria!

I've been avoiding the Timbuk2s for some reason, I think they remind me of an old roommate and I think their logo is annoying. Minor and petty, that's me.

But if it works, it works. I shall go check.

Chris said...

Well, if you're going to do Timbuk2 and you think that is possible to own one without "poser potential" (they sell them everywhere now and every wanna-be hipster at GWU has a Chrome or Timbuk2 bag), at least go online and use their bag builder. You can specify a less annoying version of their logo (e.g. black on black).

The Governess said...

I use the term "poser potential" with much lightness, of course.

I am simply uncool looking enough.

Ooh! I might do the bag builder option though! Thanks!