Friday, August 04, 2006

oh captain my captain

My boss's son was here at Nerd HQ last night. Every imaginable surface, including my wipeboard on which I regularly write cryptic notes to myself that mean mostly nothing, is covered in photos of Star Trek characters.

Also, I have a new job title - according to my office nameplate, I am now a Lieutenant Captain Commander.

So, you know- update your cell phones posthaste.


the Nabob said...

Tell that punk kid I'm going to take away his nerd card. I believe there are no Lieutenant Captains the Star Trek universe. There are Captains, Commanders and Lieutenant Commanders, Lieutenants, Lieutenant Junior Grade, etc.

And you'd be ranked somewhere below Ensign. Like Wesley Crusher's assistant or soemthing.

tom said...

dude, noncommissioned officers don't get assistants. do they?

Anyway, regardless of rank, G, the good news is that if you stick around long enough you're pretty much guaranteed to get promoted to "energy being". Which is pretty great, from what I understand.

The Governess said...

oops, my bad. i re-checked the door. Lt. Commander, that's me.

Energy Being sounds waaaay cooler though.