Wednesday, August 02, 2006

UPDATED: Self-depracation = hilarity! right? Right? Hello?????......>>..2.,ea,mfdxc

So what's more annoying:

- articles about blogging vs. traditional journalism


- a blogger* who simply posts a link to a blog, via another blog who probably got it from a completely separate third blog; and just says: READ THIS I AGREE DURRRRRRR?

I'll embrace my obnoxiousness.

* Clarification obvs. needed: "blogger" referring to myself. This may be the first time i have ever referenced myself as a "blogger," BTW, so prepare for a hole to swallow me up at any point. If I could have found a pic of Tony Goldwyn being dragged away by hell's minions in "Ghost," I probably would have posted it here, but alas. Image Google = fruitless.

Also, durr.

Link still via lindsayism.


lindsay said...

I just wanted to say the Daddy-doesn't-have-to-know-someone line.

lindsay said...

(I guess that was represented by "DURRRRR", nevermind.)

The Governess said...

Ouch and oops - I was referring to myself. Convolutedly: thanks for the link- you had something to say about it in your post. Me, on the otherhand - I offer nothing. So apologies if you thought this was directed at you.

I'll take the hit on the "durrrrr" thing, although I will not stop using the term "durrrrr." My daddy doesn't need to know anyone for me to be a poor "writer,"* either, apparently.

* i'm no writer.