Monday, August 07, 2006

when nerds get OMG SO POPULAR N STUFF

For you.

* * *

Never really a good sign when one finds onself using Excel to plan out the remainder of their year.

We're totally gonna miss something. So, I dunno, if you are getting married this fall and we don't show when we said we would? I'm so, so, so sorry. Pre-emptively frazzled. And possibly drunk. Can you be drunk already from something that's happening in the future? Maybe!

Look at the bright side: My spreadsheet includes a column for "gifts," so you'll probably at least get something off your registry from us.

* * *

I do not exactly keep a laundry list of shit to make fun of re: my spouse, but there's a few doozies out there right now. Near the top of the list being the fact that he came close to burning our house down on Sunday. How's THAT weekend recap, for you.


nm said...

Oh man, you did not just Excel your life. What's next, MS Project? (Okay, so I actually know a guy who has his life planned out in MS Project. So far, he's on track.)

The Governess said...

i sooooo just Excel'd my life. Public caning/stone throwing starts at 6!!!!

i hate MS project even more than Excel.