Thursday, August 10, 2006

DC SOaP: Friday, 10:10 PM

Rally Hiss!

Zuntae, us-Pyggies-minus-one (the better looking one, may I point out), This Guy, some other people, etc. have all purchased tickets to the 10:10 SOaP showing at DC's frightening malltastic Chinatown Regal theatre. You should too. Try Fandango or something.

We'll be meeting prior to movie time.

This is where I was supposed to have photoshopped something as some sort of "official invite" to the interwebz, but I am fucking lazy so here try this:

(A picture of my desktop)

Okay, fine, here:

(even worse.)

We take suggestions! Yes! Below! No one will take my suggestions of Hooters or Coyote Ugly seriously! For real tho.


The Deceiver said...

Believe me. When you say you want to go to Hooters or Coyote Ugly, I take it very seriously.

nm said...

I am so behind you on this Hooters thing.