Monday, August 28, 2006

robot brain/machine head

Somehow I've gotten deeply entangled with a little, evil problem I like to call "webhosting", which is just riding my ass.

When I was but I wee lassie, I dropped out of a class called "3-D Modeling", straight up computer science disguised as some sort of art (lies). I made enough of a stink that they A) let me substitue some other ridiculous class like papermaking or soemthing and B) dropped it from the program curriculum the following year - let's hear it for people who throw bitchfits in the department head's office! Admit it, world: you need people like us.

I have, however, enjoyed using the word "CHMOD" several times this morning, mostly in IM's to my smart friends, like "WHY THE BLOODY HELL CAN'T I EDIT THE CHMOD AND WHAT THE HELL IS A CHMOD ANYWAY?"

Computers 15; Gvrnss -4.

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