Monday, August 07, 2006

time within reach

- via kottke: September 12th in Bethesda- DWR shows Eames movies.

- Another Pitchfork wrap-up.

- Actually, Al, I heard somewhere that the Strokes invented the innerwebs.

- Me, jumping on to this week's Sunday Source: Sub Pop turns green.

* * *

Did not see Shane West on Saturday, opted for a weekend of chain restaurants and movies instead- Little Miss Sunshine, Ricky Bobby NASCAR movie. (Best part, besides a wild animal named after my mother? I have EATEN at the closest Applebees to the Talladega Superspeedway. I could give you directions, should you be in the market.) Oh, and a really cute puppy took a nap on my lap. Puppies are awesome.

Also noted: I won't be in town, but if the man in the radio this morning was telling the truth, Morris Day and the Time are at DAR on Friday night. Graffiti Bridge plays occasionally on BET, and I am excited each and every time. According to Wikipedia, Tevin Campbell? Now on Broadway (love it.)

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