Tuesday, August 08, 2006

and if I don't reply to all your mumbling in the dark

ONE: Aged 18 or 19 years, my roommate and I were watching Seinfeld (in all honesty, we caught the last few minutes - it was a re-run, and we were actually tuning in for the 2 am Fox affiliate Jenny Jones/STUDS hour). The episode's subplot revolves around Kramer sleeping for 20 minutes at a time - polyphasic sleep - throughout the day/night.

We had a free weekend. Julie was exceptionally bright, didn't really need to attend any of her classes except anatomy, and had a v. slight case of depression mixed with mild chronic fatigue and narcolepsy and baked in a preheated oven. I had already committed to skipping Friday classes for that semester (seriously, 8 AM math? Geology 101, where my lab partner was a dance major ayways? Recipes for Friday disaster.)

So, we had it a go. Obviously, shit like this never actually works, esp. if it interferes with Beast consumption and/or stalking the kid from my English class at the gym. The first 20 minute cycle? No problem. The second 20 minute cycle? Yeah, well. That kind of evolved into sleeping the entire day and missing out on daylight. We experienced "the crash". Da Vincis we weren't.

TWO: I hate mornings with a fiery passion and intensity usually reserved for jam band fans and/or Westboro Baptist assholes. (The two are not mutually exclusive.... or are they? Kidding.)

THREE: So, hating mornings, liking night, I am somewhat fascinated with the 28 hour day. And I already know people who practically work this schedule anyways, so I can't imagine it would be that big of a difference.

- Harvard: resetting the human clock.
- 28
- "More Life" Diary
- Chart it!
- Here is an idea that sounds great on paper, especially if you are a techno-geek and don't go out much. However, this schedule ignores biology and will KILL you.

* * *

In other news, after Excel'ing my life yesterday, I've decide to bright-side look: the remainder of 2006 is going to be exceptionally kickass, in all honesty. Baseball game roadtrip throughout the midwest! Cottage rental w/ friends on the Maine coastline! Other people's Italian uncles who can probably teach me how to dance since I have no sense of natural rhythm! And yes, still 80000 weddings, but that's always a nice free-alcohol happy time. So, I'm through being panicked, at least until lunch.

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