Wednesday, August 30, 2006

and richard hell of the neon boys

Do me a favor:

If you are going to reference the fact that you are very awesome, and hang out with music legends on a regular basis, that's fine. Sure, i'm jealous. However. When you reference said rock stars, please reference them correctly in the context of music history. A small thing, I know, but please... I beg of you.

It's like sending me an email saying "OMG you know who I did a keg stand with last night????? Thurston Moore! Yes, THAT Thurston Moore! Of the Dim Stars?????? I told him I was a huge fan of the Dim Stars."

The Paul McCartney/Wings thing was too easy.

1 comment:

The Deceiver said...

The same Dim Stars that I can't get a fuckin' CD version of their record? WoooOoOooOOooOOOooOOoo!