Friday, August 11, 2006

Down the Hatch

I’m not traveling through an airport anytime soon and I’m not going to buy a ticket just so I can pull this off. But if someone is, can you please do this? Please?

Fill a perfume/suntan lotion bottle with water/yogurt and try to bring it on a plane. And when they stop you, make a scene so everyone is watching and then yell “Fine!” Grab the bottle and chug it all.

That would be so awesome.


topic15 said...

I'm travelling to Denver next week. Would the liquid from a blue freezy pop in a windex bottle work?

the Nabob said...

Only if you stand there for ten minutes and spray the entire contents in your nouth.

Or wear an old shirt when you chug it and make sure most of it runs down your chin. Then sit there on the plane with your stained shirt and a 1000 foot stare.

KG said...

I fly to Bangladesh a week from Monday. And am willing to do this, absolutely. But I need suggestions as to how to guarantee a bottle of nail polish remover is completely sterilized -- not wanting to go blind and all.