Friday, January 13, 2006

your parallelogram mouth

- M. Ward's "I'll Be Yr Bird"

- I have been watching "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" every night this week. He said no... WITH HIS FOOT."

- I was on Braddock Road this morning and passed a Camero who's license plate was NO COKE. Who are you, guy? Can you explain further? The people demand.

- At one point in my life, I could serve a goddamn volleyball. I'm pretty sure of it. It is Proven Fact, even. Yes, I spent years playing only front line. But I can receive relatively well, so why I can't serve is a mysetery from the wild blue beyond, as if I pissed off the gods royally and came back into this life as a girl WHO CAN'T SERVE. Last night, second week in a row, total chokesville. I like the game of volleyball. I like competition. I like elaborate defensives structures and the short middle hit and topspin and playing with dudes who have reach for a far-tight outside set. I like all these things. They are nice things. These things, these dudes, however, do not like it when I spazz out on serving, which is, the just most LEAST COMPLICATED PART OF THE FUCKING SPORT MIGHT I ADD. End rant, this is boring. PS Tachikara's are on sale at City Sports for $15, rumor has it.

- 14th St. Gallery Roundup, updated recently-ish.

- Are comments reccommending trepanation appropriate for a business meeting? Even if they're under your breath? I don't think anyone heard moi, but yr girl is curious.

- Stills from Snakes on a Plane.

- In other superfantastic news, after spending $100+ to replace my screen on my IPod, my harddrive is now wrecking the unholy vengeance of the damned on all those who dare touch it's pristine white body. Hey, here's an idea: paperweight. Hateful POS.

- In other-other superfantastic news, I am drinking tonight/heavily to prevent the onset of strep. My throat doesn't hurt (yet) but I have it on good authority it's that time of year, others may be infected, and I am highly susceptible. (This is what happens when your hippie mom, instead of co-signing to get your tonsils removed at a decent age like a normal parent, instead just gets a part-time job at an ear/nose/throat specialist who doesn't believe in surgery, but does believe in the all-healing powers of grape Dimetapp.)

- The last funny thing to be written about Frey. We can all stop talking abou thim now. Yay!

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