Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Livebloggen: Lost, 1/25

So, I was going to blog during Lost, but instead I made the very grownup choice to start drinking at a quarter til six, which then found me at a Fairfax restaunrat right before Lost was supposed to start, railing about elementary education reform and "No Child Left Behind," doubly hilarious since I have no idea what I'm talking about in that arena.

Now I'm home, but this isn't going to work out. So anyways, here you go: Charlie? Madchester? Giant Crib? Baby? Drugs? Water? Dur?

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nm said...

i know the whole point of the charlie in diapers commercial was to show how low the band had sunk and all that, but couldn't they have chosen something equally humiliating for the characters without completely traumatizing the unsuspecting viewer? i went blind for like five minutes afer that. i was expecting some paparazzi to be outside the studio to snap a picture of charlie in his diaper. oh well.