Monday, January 16, 2006

Art Chicago/Cat dragging things back in/southern identity

DG: born of the Commonwealth and now crazing 'round Illinoise.

...Fellow alum/ever present sense of humor in many a snoozy undergrad class/advice giver re: dudes who leave half-empty forties as a reminder of their existence on your car after you've EXPLICITLY-blatantly responded "not interested"/completely genuine and naive? even? and def. "keeps it real" persona of the Quad/maker of sculpture/donner of ponytails-stripey-pixie-sock couture Statements/south pride but not Southern Pride.... yeah, that kid. He is online/makes good.

Things are for sale, crazy things. Gallery shows are, apparently, to be seen. BTW. Also, DG apparently enterprising hisself on Ebay.

Also selling at following retailers:

Artifacts (Artwork, Interior Wares) – Charlottesville, VA
Bittersweet (Rescued Clothing) – Charlottesville, VA
Cog & Pearl (Artwork, Interior Wares) – Brooklyn, NY
Habit (Rescued Clothing) – Chicago, IL
Heavenly Metal (Artwork) – Ann Arbor, MI
Seagrass (Artwork, Interior Wares) – Winnetka, IL
Uncle Freddy’s (Rescued Clothing & Artwork) – Hammond, IN

Wonders, never ceasing. The original Valley harajuku, right here along with everyone else, partying on the Internets. Hi, Dolan.

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snakehead said...

i've been had!!....quick! to the river, lets make our escape!