Thursday, January 05, 2006

"Anyway, a real great movie. I wish Citizen Kane had been this good. I'm not joking."

Hi blog. How are you today? There is nothing on TV, and I am sad.


1. Oh, snaps, no you di-int Christopher Buckley. "Pigmalion?" Pliss.

2. Please to explain to me what kind of person decides to schedule a volleyball game at 10 PM? I am ancient, hoary, wrinkled and haggard; I do not play silly games involving big white underinflated balls and saggy nets at 10 PM. (Yeah, you heard me. Balls, saggy, 10 PM.)

3. Mean, briefly: go to stephaniekleindotcom. CHECK IT OUT, yo. Go ahead, I challenge you to find more a more saddy-sad-funny photo on the Interwebs this evening. She is oozing orangina, peeps. Is there a site, except instead of teen celebs it's about bloggers? Um, can we make one? Cause right now I've only got four terrible blogs going, and that just isn't enough, you know?
< /mean. >

4. Misc: The spousal unit is out of town, Fluxblog's got "Archers of Loaf" up, my dog's going kind of apeshit at the beeps, and it kind of feels like my freshman year in college again.

5. Remember not that long ago where I had that weird Bento obsession? Yeah.

6. Does anyone have any details/insight into ""Dance Dance Revolution" for Gamecube? We scored a free Gamecube recently. I know, it's bound to be tragic. You think I talk about my dog a lot? WAit til I get my hands on some sort of outdated gaming system. It. Is. On. Anyways, I need this game, that much is obvious. I am planning on becoming BFF with my 11-year-old next door neighbor, and then systematically annhilating her pre-teen dance move confidence.

7. Best movie review ever.

Okay, now I need to go find sneakers because my usual ones are missing. I cannot play in Converse. OR CAN I.

* * *



tom said...

My friend Jeff gives positive reviews to the Mario DDR game. Apparently there is a story mode, and you go on adventures and solve problems. It turns out that dancing solves a LOT of problems.

But I've gotta warn you, the cheap dance pads can be infuriating. Red Octane makes the good ones. We stupidly invested in one of those about a year ago and rarely use it (we're more of a karaoke revolution household). So if you can figure out how to make an Xbox/PS2 pad work with your GC, you're welcome to borrow it.

More: this or this would probably do it. There might be cheaper alternatives.

Drew said...

Archers of Loaf, rock! Strangled by the Stereo Wire and Harnessed in Slums both came up on iTunes last night for me.

As for Ms. Klein, man, she is really going for the George Hamilton look. Wow. Like a raw carrot on legs.