Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More livebloggenn/spoilers

SO. Hi.

Liveblogging isn't so much errrr, "liveblogging," if it consists of two shitty entries. In my defense, I also spent precious commercial time trying to read Fark. In retrospect, perhaps I should have stuck to talking about the Alito hearings. Oh wait, I didn't even do that. Did I. I suck. (of note, I've gathered all I feel I need to know from herrr. So if you aren't into TV and are into.... other kinds of TV, you can read all about Ted Kennedy on that blog. Here, we stick to Damon et Co.)


(visions in the smoke as it passed over Eko's face:

- woman selling Virgin Mary statues
- church facade
- his brother dying
- the older man being shot
- the other bad dude staring out from the plane
- Vrgin Mary
- Christ on a cross
- Something else)

What did I miss?)

Now it's over, and SOMEONE is playing Madden. Get me a dancepad, quick.

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