Thursday, January 26, 2006

something bigger/something brighter

1. Pretty Girls Make Graves The Nocturnal House, courtesy OneLouder, which is courtesy ILB. Basically, the bloggernet. It's getting complex, people.

2. Pancake Mountain is holding it's first dance party of the year, starring Deerhoof. Warehouse Next Door, from 2:00 to 4:00 this Saturday, January 28th. This would all be fine and good except for the fact that the email I received explicitly states "If you're between 5 to 25 and would like to attend please fill out this online form." AGISM! I'm going to show up with my walker and my mah jong tiles, ready to start a goddamn Zendik.* Maybe.

3. Nerdy enough to Wkpda "Kalorama" this morning after passing a Kalorama Street in Ffx county; and knowing there's another one in CA; then, of course, DC; and not having an actual clue as to what "Kalorama" means. Now I am learned!

4. Lost SUCKED last night.

5. Mark your calendars: Snakes on a Plane liveblog, August 18, 2006. The DCeiver and the G; in an unholy alliance of unbridled glee (the G.) and intense snark (the DC.)

The End!

* Those teeshirts make me want to learn kung fu, and not in a good way.


Drew said...

Lost sucked mightily last night. I was crestfallen the moment I realized it was going to be a Charlie episode. Someone needs to toss that filthy hobbit and his crappy band into a wood chipper.

Also, dancing to Deerhoof? Methinks that would not so much dancing as having a seizure.

The Governess said...

deerhoof is comedy. but they somehow fit the 5-year old set so perfectly.

tom said...

25? Seems pretty arbitrary. And stupid. I say this because this is the last dance party for which I could qualify, and I don't really like deerhoof.

And yeah, Lost = terrible. I liked seeing Charlie get punched, though. And I really liked his character going into that episode! Bad, bad, bad.

on his death bed said...

Oh no! I'm disqualified! I want to go back to last week!

Anonymous said...

We didn't mean 25. it just sounded better to say 5 to 25 instead of 5 to any age. As long as your potty trained, you're ok in our book.

The Governess said...

Sweet! Thanks Scott! I'm old!

nm said...

hooray for being old, but not incontinent!